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5W&Co is a budding marketing management firm based in Cleveland, OH. We represent a portfolio of telecommunication clients and aim to help connect them with local qualified consumers through face-to-face marketing management strategies. We strive for national and global expansion on behalf of our renowned clients. With a goal of expanding into new markets across the country each year, our culture is based on positive energy, teamwork, and internal growth.

We are a team of motivated, hardworking, and compassionate people and feel that our professional assets can be used to better the world. Seeing as how we are professionally trained in the areas of direct marketing management, we excel at communications and pride ourselves on our negotiation skills. Our environment at 5W&Co is one where every individual receives equal opportunity to become fulfilled and successful as they want to be. We wholeheartedly believe that the incredible talent and work ethic of our team is what make our company unique. With a group composed of some of the most motivated and lively individuals you’ll ever meet, we follow the Steve Jobs quote that “instead of hiring smart people and telling them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

Customer Relations
As indirect channels of marketing have evolved, an increasing gap between product and consumer has emerged. 5W&Co bridges this detrimental gap through in-person contact with the business owners.
Brand Expansion
The lasting impression 5W&Co have on our clients indirectly extends our influence on the market and allows for more client acquisitions to expand the company.
5W&Co offers unique skill training to employees with specific skill sets to improve performance, which in turn, grants the possibility of accelerated growth within the company.

Achieving The

Go above and beyond in every aspect of a business. Exceed all expectations, provide superior mentorship and constant opportunity for professional and personal growth.


At the core of most businesses are shareholders or customers, but for 5W&CO, it’s our people. While our group’s personalities are made up of scholars, athletes, veterans, class clowns, and more, what we all have in common is high character and strong, competitive attitudes. At 5W&Co, we would summarize ourselves as professional, ambitious, and always up for a challenge!

In order for 5W&Co to surpass our client’s expectations and deliver results quarter after quarter, we must continue to innovate and stay on top of all current marketing management trends. Simply put, we must always be in pursuit of development. With top-notch industry training and hands-on management development, our mission is centralized around improving the lives of each we touch, showing our team, customers, and clients that growth, satisfaction, results, etc, are a continuous pursuit of greatness.


5W&Co envisions a business that is committed to setting up others for success. We plan to expand into at least 2 new markets within the next twelve months, providing new and ongoing opportunities for our clients and our company. Furthermore, we visualize our company expanding from our current location in Cleveland to over twenty locations in the next five years. We vow to promote a company culture deeply rooted in our core values of results, competition, growth, opportunity, autonomy, and development to do so.

Cleveland, OH
Cleveland, OH

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”

Colin Powell

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Join one of the fastest-growing marketing management firms in Ohio! Achieve career success through a company that promotes based on merit and performance. We're showing the Cleveland community that it's possible to do meaningful work, make a difference, and have fun while doing it.
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